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Early Registration now open for Com2Us’ upcoming RPG called Heroes War

Com2Us is doing what a few other companies tend to do when gearing up for a new game release, they are offering early registration with the ability to snag a prize or two for registering early. The game is called Heroes War and this is a turn-based RPG title that will be released onto Android sometime in August.

There isn’t a ton of details about this game right now but we do know a few things aside from the fact it will be a turn-based RPG. There will be dungeons to work your way through as well as a lot of quests to complete. There are a variety of characters to play as, more than your average RPG, and each one has different abilities and powers.

Of course there will be plenty of loot as well to collect with better weapons and armor to make your character stronger. You’ll be able to set up a group containing different heroes which you can swap in and out before each dungeon run or quest. So you can adjust your team to what you need. As for multiplayer gameplay, we are guessing there will be some kind of PvP or Co-op gameplay but we don’t know for sure just yet.

If you’re interested, early registration is open until the end of tomorrow (July 31st) so if you plan to sign up and claim some early bird prizes, it would be best to do so now.

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