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You can now play as Usain Bolt in Temple Run 2 because… well.. why the hell not?

Imangi Studios has pushed an update out onto Android yesterday that brings with it a new playable character. This new playable character comes in the form of six-time Olympic champion from Jamaica named Usain Bolt. This marks the first time an actual person has guest starred as a character in the Temple Run series.

Usain Bolt will appear in the game wearing his Olympic uniform and you will be able to play as the Olympic champion should you want to dish out $0.99 to have the privilege of possibly running the fastest man on Earth accidentally into a tree. However this is only for a limited time so if you want this special character to play as, you’ll need to snap him up now and he will only be available for a short period.

In other Temple Run 2 news, this update has also brought Google Play Games services to the game. You’ll be able to sign in through the settings.

Google Play Link: Temple Run 2

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