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Crescent Moon Games begins teasing their upcoming adventure game Mines of Mars

Crescent Moon Games has another title on the way aside from the Doom-style FPS game that they will be publishing soon. This other game is an interesting looking one called Mines of Mars and it seems to take cues from other titles such as Metroid and Motherlode. So what exactly is Mines of Mars all about?

This particular game is a more dark and atmospheric type of mining and exploration game. However it isn’t just a sandbox game like Minecraft or anything like that as there is actually a storyline to go with it. We won’t get into that part since it could possibly ruin the game by giving too much of the story out. There are, however, plenty of dark secrets to discover, a variety of enemies to deal with, and plenty of weapons and items to do all of that with. This is all jut part of the adventure portion of Mines of Mars.

There is also the whole mining and exploration aspect to this game which includes all the mining you’ll be doing (including Gravity Mining). The entire world is procedurally generated so each time you play Mines on Mars it will be different. This includes both the vegetation and environment around you as well as the enemies you face, the corridors that are available naturally and a lot of the little details as well like the ambient creatures that exist in your world.

Mines of Mars will also feature big boss fights, co-op multiplayer, an original ambient soundtrack by Evan Gipson and more as well. This will end up being a rather big game and since it will be procedurally generated, there is a lot of replay value since the game will always be different. As for when this game will arrive onto Google Play, we don’t know that just yet. Crescent Moon Games is also looking to have Mines of Mars get released onto Steam through their Greenlight program. So if you want to help out with that, go cast a vote there as well.

Developer Website: Crescent Moon Games

Steam Greenlight Voting: Mines of Mars

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