Day: 7 August 2013


Larva Labs comes out of hiding to officially release their 8-bit RPG sequel Gurk III

Larva Labs has been around on Android for a long time and have made some pretty addictive games in that time. One of those games happens to be a series called Gurk which, up until now, had two installments available. Well it has been somewhat quiet over at Larva Labs but the silence has been broken as the company has released Gurk III officially and not in the beta form that was up on Google Play for a bit.


Hexagon Game Labs will be unveiling the first premium HTML5 game called SteamPower1830 at GamesCom

GamesCom 2013 is coming up pretty quickly and this particular convention surrounding video games has expanded greatly over the past couple of years in regards to hosting developers who make mobile games. This year should be even bigger and we are already getting news about games that can be played on mobile devices. One such game is called SteamPower1830 by Hexagon Game Labs but this won’t be a game where you’ll be able to get it off Google Play.


High speed Nintendo DS emulator DraStic has arrived onto Google Play

Back in the middle of July we reported on a new Nintendo DS emulator that was being developed for Android called DraStic. One of the bigger claims that this emulator makes is that it is a high speed emulator which is good since it seems like most Nintendo DS emulators tend to not run at full speed and actually end up running pretty slowly. Of course that is partly also dependent on what device you’re running it on.


Highly anticipated arcade shooter Sine Mora has arrived onto Google Play for everyone

About a week ago we announced that the highly anticipated arcade shooter from Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture called Sine Mora had arrived onto Android but unfortunately it was only available on the Amazon Appstore and it seemed as though it was exclusive to the Kindle Fire. There were many ideas as to why the game was released this way including the fact that Digital Reality is a company from Hungary which currently doesn’t have the ability to sell apps and games onto Google Play yet.