Day: August 8, 2013


WipeOut gets a spiritual rebirth by Spacehopper Studios in Delta-V Racing

Spacehopper Studios has released a new racing game onto Android today which they are describing as the classic WipeOut game reborn. Officially titled Delta-V Racing, this particular racing game has a retro flare to its visuals which you can check out while racing through the different tracks this game comes with. There is also a complete original soundtrack by UK Industrial Breakbeat musician DeathBoy.


There is a developer working on porting Half-Life / Black Mesa over to mobile

While there is the question of whether or not FPS games are any good on mobile devices, the fact remains that there are a decent amount of them available. It’s really a question about the controls, whether touchscreen is good to use for the genre on mobile. Some people swear by using controllers while others are just fine with touchscreen controls. Either way it looks like we may be getting a ported version of Half-Life / Black Mesa on Android soon.


Anomaly 2 by 11 Bit Studios will be arriving onto mobile this Fall

There are already two Anomaly games out on mobile and soon we will be getting a third one as well. Back in February of this year we talked about Anomaly 2, the official sequel to the Anomaly franchise, but back then it was only confirmed for PC release. Having been on Steam for a bit now, 11 Bit Studios has been working on bringing the game to Android and iOS, something they said they wanted to do back in February.