Day: 19 August 2013


Butterscotch Shenanigans hosts the Butterscotch Jam: 5 Games, 5 Days, 8 hours or less per game

Many people like to think of themselves as crazy, creative, insane, geniuses,  and makers of the best waffles. Very few can live up to being all of these things. We’re close, writing this post at almost 4am PST in the morning here. However the brothers who make up Butterscotch Shenanigans live up to all of these prestigious titles and then some. Now, starting today (Monday August 19th, 2013) at 8:30am CST and lasting all week, the developers of Towelfight 2 and Quadropus will be hosting the Butterscotch Jam.


Popular bureaucratic sim game Papers, Please will be coming to tablets in the future

Papers, Please is an interesting sim game that was recently released for PC and has since gained a cult following which continues to grow. The developer of the game, Lucas Pope, is also planning to bring the bureaucratic sim over to Android and iOS tablets as well. While the Android version won’t have a problem with being released onto Google Play, the developer is weary about Apple’s approval policies and isn’t sure the game will get approved for iOS devices.


InnoGames releases a new video detailing their upcoming mobile version of Grepolis

Back in March of last year during GDC 2012 we sat down with InnoGames’ Head of Public Relations Dennis Heinert where we talked about the company’s catalog of MMORTS games and how they would be heading to Android soon. Since then Tribal Wars arrived and is still labeled as a beta. One of their other big MMORTS titles called Grepolis has also been slated for release onto Android and it looks like the game could finally be getting released soon.


Retro Runners from Countryside Games is a unique endless runner for Android

One thing Android, and mobile in general, have vast amounts of are endless running games. Since he genre’s inception, everyone and their mother have been making these games trying to take a piece of the endless running pie. So finding one that is a little more unique than the other current endless runners out there can be hard to do. Retro Runners by Countryside Games happens to be one of those unique endless runners.