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[Gamescom 2013] Bluestack brings more game developers on board for their upcoming GamePop console

We’ve reported on Bluestacks and their upcoming Android-powered game console called GamePop in the past and now during Gamescom 2013 after a brief period of silence, Bluestacks has announced that they have signed on even more game developers to supply games for their console system.

For those of you who have missed our previous coverage regarding the GamePop console, this will be a subscription-based service where users will pay $6.99 a month and will have access to all the games in full that are available for it. Last time we reported on GamePop, the console was already boasting over 500 titles and things look well on their way to surpassing that number shortly.

Today Bluestacks is announcing five additional developers are signed on to bring their games to their upcoming console. There developers are TinyCo, Animoca, Game Circus, Creative Mobile, and Nevosoft. Each company will be bringing most of their games to GamePop, for example, Animoca has a catalog of over 50 games and applications and most of those are slated to arrive onto GamePop. Creative Mobile will be bringing their ridiculously popular game Drag Racing over to GamePop as well.

There are two sizes of the GamePop available. The GamePop Mini, which comes with one controller, is available for free while the full-sized version of GamePop is available for $129 and also comes with one controller. Regardless of what size you pick, it will cost $6.99 a month to access all the games. Pre-orders are still available over on the console’s website.

We’ll be doing an interview with Bluastacks regarding their GamePop console next week so if you have any questions you want us to ask, leave them here or over on our forums in the official topic for this interview (we would prefer this but either place works).

Official Website: GamePop

TinyCo, Animoca, Large Group of Top Mobile Developers Sign Onto GamePop

Mobile game console officially crosses $200 in paid games for $6.99/mo.

Cologne, Germany  Aug 22, 2013 – At GamesCom in Germany today, mobile company BlueStacks announced the addition of five large app developers to its GamePop Mobile Console: TinyCo, Animoca, Game Circus, Creative Mobile, and Nevosoft. TinyCo brings its popular franchises from iOS and Android, while Animoca brings its own international ecosystem that includes an extensive catalogue of over 50 apps and games. Creative Mobile will add their Drag Racing franchise to the platform. At over 130 million downloads total, it is one of the most popular standalone titles on either iOS or Android. Between the five IP-holders, the addition represents more than 341 million Google Play downloads worth of popular apps arriving on GamePop devices in one day. 

“We’re excited to bring several of TinyCo’s flagship titles to the GamePop console,” said TinyCo CEO, Suli Ali. “Our games look great on HD TVs, and GamePop’s custom controller provides an easy-to-use alternative to the normal touchscreen.” This is the first foray into TV for the San Francisco-based developer, which plans to bring hits like Tiny Village and Tiny Monsters to the platform.

Animoca is one of the biggest publishers of mobile gaming titles in the world with an Android first philosophy. Their hits include Pretty Pet Salon, Star Girl, Thor: Lord of Storms and many others. “We’re always interested in expanding our IP to new devices and platforms,” said David Kim, CEO of Animoca. “With its ability to offer our mobile catalog to TV audiences, we find GamePop to be one of the most exciting developments in the world of game consoles.”

GamePop is the world’s first free mobile game console with subscription. For $6.99 per month, people get access to a specially curated group of 500 top mobile games on their TVs. Differing from others in the space, BlueStacks has taken a top-down approach to the app ecosystem, signing the most famous IP-holders first in order to more easily attract users.

“GamePop is innovating the mobile gaming is innovating the mobile gaming business model on TV in a smart way,”said Vladimir Funtikov, CEO of Creative Mobile. “We live in an all-you-can eat, freeto-play world. That goes for mobile games, Netflix, Spotify and increasingly more types of media. It feels like BlueStacks gets that, and that’s why we went with them.”

BlueStacks has said that GamePop will be released this winter. It is currently available for pre-order at

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