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[Gamescom 2013] Pre-orders now live for the Bluetooth-enabled Dice gaming peripheral DICE+

Back during E3 2012 we ran into a gaming peripheral that was cool and unique considering we’ve never seen anything like it before. This gaming peripheral comes in the form of Bluetooth enabled dice for use with board games on any platform (smartphones, tablets, etc) that accepts Bluetooth connections.

Developed by Gaming Technologies, DICE+ allows users to use actual dice to roll virtual dice in compatible games. There are a number of uses for these little things ranging from board games to whatever a developer can dream up to use them form. When you purchase some DICE+ it will also come with a selection of free games that already come with DICE+ compatibility. Apparently between now and early 2014 there is also a good selection of games to be released that will include DICE+ integration.

For the game developer out there interested in adding this functionality to their games, there is a developer kit available for you to grab and think up news ways to use these things. If you want to buy some DICE+ peripherals, pre-orders are now live and you can pick one up for $39.99 over on the DICE+ web store.

Official Websites: DICE+ Store | Gaming Technologies

5000 Years of Board Game History Has Come to This: DICE+ Now Available
Game Technologies Brings the Social Back to Digital Gaming with Revolutionary Board Game Controller

DICE+, the universal board game controller that brings real-world social interaction back to digital gaming, launches today at Gamescom 2013, the world’s biggest gaming convention. DICE+ can be purchased for $39.99 via

The revolutionary DICE+ controller interacts with Bluetooth-enabled smart devices and combines the physical touch and feel of a game die with the potential for unlimited digital game and toy ideas. DICE+ has the power to make board games appealing to a new generation of players: “Powered board games” will enable you to get together with friends around the same device and experience a wealth of new gaming opportunities that combine the power and visual excitement of tablet gaming with the joy of playing games in a group.

From digital renditions of classic board games to new gaming experiences that leverage the built-in gyroscopic motion control, DICE+ comes with a host of free games to show off its capabilities. Also coming 2013 and early 2014 are a wide range of titles based on popular franchises, including family-friendly fare, top-quality edutainment titles and intense classics that are sure to please even the most hardened board game aficionado. Developers can also unleash their creativity with the DICE+ development kit, dreaming up new ways to utilize this versatile controller for a wide range of games.

Developed in Poland by Game Technologies, DICE+ will be available for $39.99. You can learn more about Game Technologies and its exceptional new product at

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