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Sega heads up new initiative to cross-promote Japanese mobile game developers

Interesting news in a more business orientated fashion as Sega has announced that they are heading up a new initiative to help cross-promote other Japanese mobile game developers. It also looks like this alliance isn’t just about promoting each others games but also in regards to publishing them, at least by the sound of things.

However it looks as though members of this alliance will still publish their own games, its more about saving money by avoiding the revenue share imposed by the country’s leading networks: DeNA and Gree. Both companies take what sounds like a hefty cut from the revenues these companies makes with their games that happen to use either DeNA’s or Gree’s services which, in turn, greatly lowers the actual money these companies bring in when they make a sale of a game.

In total there are 15 Japanese companies on board with this alliance and they are not just some smaller independent companies either with big companies like Capcom and Taito are both members. The main goal of all of this happens is about creating a larger community of players that can then be moved between the companies’ various games. Of course it would be nice if companies like Capcom would publish half of their Japanese games we all want in English as well.

The whole thing is set to kick off this Fall. It’ll be interesting to see how many games we end up seeing released for the English crowd, if any at all, through this.

Website Referenced: VG 24/7

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