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Skylanders: Cloud Patrol floats its way over to Google Play

We’ve already talked about one Skylanders game that was supposed to come to Android back during E3 2012 but for whatever reason never actually made it to mobile. However Activision has rectified this problem by releasing another Skylanders game instead called Skylanders: Cloud Patrol.

In this particular game you’ll be joining some of the cast of Skylanders as you go out on the hunt for escaped trolls. You’ll sit in your little cannon like vehicle and blast the trolls out of the sky, earning yourself points along the way. You can also do ‘combo; shots by sliding your finger though multiple targets.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol Features:

– Tap to shoot or slide your finger across targets creating amazing knock out combos
– Score the highest combo per area to get more points and collect more loot.
– Complete goals to level up and earn gems to unlock more Skylanders
– Use tons of magic item boosts to help you power through your adventure.
– Dominate the leaderboards and show your friends who rules the skies!

As with all Skylanders games, if you have one of their toys around you can input the code for that particular figurine and use them in this game as well. However you can’t just put the figurine near your device and have them pop up in the game as there is no NFC feature available.

If you’re up for some relaxing troll blasting fun with the Skylanders crew, you can download Skylanders: Cloud Patrol off of Google Play for $1.99.

Google Play Link: Skylanders: Cloud Patrol

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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