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7th Road to bring their MMO Wartune to mobile soon through Kabam

7th Road, the create of the browser-based MMO Wartune, has signed a deal with Kabam to bring the game over to mobile devices soon. You may remember Wartune being in the news before on various gaming websites as the games rating board ESRB critizied the company for using ads to promote their game that were not really true to the actual game mechanics. These ads depicted almost nude anime women saying something suggestive to lure people into playing the game thinking it was a more adult-based theme.

In reality, Wartune is an MMORPG title that has both multiplayer and solo dungeons players can run, PvP events such as battlegrounds and team-based arena matches, world boss events and a variety of other activities to do. You’re character levels up as you progress through the game and there are three classes to choose from: Archer, Knight, and Mage.

Kabam has already brought a few free-to-play titles to mobile already and Wartune will mark another major browser-based game to make its way to mobile thanks to a publishing agreement with Kabam. Wartune will be released as a free-to-play game on mobile. It does offer a VIP subscription that is $7.99/month for extra perks like no cooldowns and things of that nature for the browser version. No word if that will arrive in the mobile one but it probably will.

Right now the game is available to play through multiple sites using your browser such as Kongregate.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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