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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.4 update arrives. Now with external server support.

A quick update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has arrived onto Android. This update, version 0.7.4., brings with it the ability to ignite Creepers by using flint and steel. Of course this can be a bit dangerous to do but the result and be pretty entertaining as well. However this is a minor feature for this update.

The big news with this update is support for external server login now. Basically when you go to play in multiplayer, you now have the option to either log into an official Minecraft Pocket Edition server hosted by Mojang or you can log into an external server instead. This means that PocketMine-MP servers are now officially supported by the game, making logging into them a hell of a lot easier than before.

This also means we can now officially launch our servers as well. We had been waiting a bit hoping this login feature would arrive as logging into a PocketMine-MP server can be a bit technical and we wanted it to be a simple process so everyone can join. So expect the announcement of our official Minecraft Pocket Edition servers going live either today or tomorrow.

As for the rest of the 0.7.4 update, it is basically a lot of bug fixes. If you play this game, you can download the update now for free off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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