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Old school style beat-em-up NES-Retku gets a new teaser trailer, arriving in 2014

Back in April of this year we talked about a rather cool looking old school style arcade beat-em-up game called NES-Retku. The storyline to this game is a bit crazy and doesn’t follow the usual stroylines for these types of games where you’re usually rescuing your girlfriend who has been kidnapped or seeking revenge for whatever wrong has happened to you.

In this particular beat-em-up style of game, you play as a Finnish YouTube-based game critic with a friend who looks like Flat Eric. You get sucked into a retro video game and can only escape by battling enemies and ultimately defeating the game’s boss, Ghostface.

So you’re goal is to escape this virtual world that you’ve been sucked into and in order to do that you will have to master different combos and skills on your journey through this virtual world, hopefully defeating the end boss and earning your freedom. The developer, going by the name Panic Art, has released a new teaser trailer for everyone to check out.

As for when you can get your hands on this game? Right now we just have a general 2014 time period for NES-Retku‘s release.

Developer Website: Panic Art

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