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Game Insight drops location restriction, opens up Dragon Eternity MMORPG to most countries

Game Insight has an MMORPG that has been out for awhile now but has only been available for people living in a couple of countries. This location-restricted beta is for their new MMORPG called Dragon Eternity which is also available for play via your PC’s browsers. Well the location restriction has been dropped and people in most countries should be able to download this game now.

For those of you who have missed our previous coverage of Dragon Eternity, this is a full fledged MMORPG and comes with plenty of the features you would expect a game of this nature to come with. Dragon Eternity has two factions to choose from and once you pick which faction you want to play as, you can choose your race and class then begin questing.

Dragon Eternity Features:

– 38 unbelievably beautiful and omnigenous locations: from deserts to wildwoods, from tropical islands to mountain ravines.
– over 70 mini-locations: caves, huts, robbers’ lairs and so on
– cold weapons and magic combats
– 3 battle types at option, which can be changed at any moment: a beserk, a paladin or a witcher
– an option to choose a companion-dragon and to call it to battles
– riding a giant pangolin or a wolf during the battles
– an option to call skeletars and caught creatures for help
– dozens of available weapon and battle suits types
– hundreds of useful objects and tools types
– over 1500 tasks
– 90 hidden object and solving puzzles mini-games
– 6 different types of battles with other players including the unique Sea Battle
– special events
– free-to-play

There is both solo and group content available to go through and for those of you more into the PvP aspects of these types of games, there are a few different options to choose from including a full clan-wars type of PvP mode.

If you’re up for trying out a new MMORPG then you might want to check this one out. It is available for download off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Dragon Eternity

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