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Squad-based tactical game Breach & Clear now available on Google Play

One game we’ve talked about already a few times in the past is the squad-based tactical strategy game Breach & Clear. The other week we announced that the game would finally be arriving on September 5th, 2013 and that would be today. Sure enough the game has finally arrived right on time and is now available for purchase.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Breach & Clear is a tactical strategy game with highly details 3D visuals and some pretty entertaining looking gameplay that Robert Bowling, Gun Media and Mighty Rabbit have been working on for some time now. In this game players will be controlling a squad of four special ops soldiers through different infiltration missions that have different objectives to complete.

Players have a lot of customization options available to them, letting you customize load-outs for each of your special ops soldiers depending on what exactly it is you think you need to complete your current mission. This version also comes with a slew of new content as well that wasn’t available on the iOS version until today:

New Missions – Gamers can take their elite special operations team to Freiburg, Germany in a new twist on Breach and Clear. Missions range from open forested areas to mysterious compounds where entirely new enemies await.

New Enemies – The Android launch will see the rise of more dangerous enemies, forcing special operations teams to encounter deadly snipers, heavy armored units, and speed rushers armed with shotguns!

Bomb Defusal – The launch of Android will also mark the inclusion of the first new game mode; bomb defusal. Players will be tasked with locating and defusing bombs within a certain time limit, all while fighting off continuous waves of enemies.

If you’ve been waiting for this game to land on Android, now you don’t have to wait any longer. Breach & Clear is now available for purchase off of Google Play for $1.99 which is the game’s launch special pricing.

Google Play Link: Breach & Clear

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