Day: 17 September 2013


Brave Bit is a new challenging retro style platformer for Android

A new retro style platform has arrived onto Google Play called Brave Bit. This challenging little platformer features the dual-tone visuals we are used to seeing in minimalistic style games like this with the dark (black) foreground with the single color background. When we say this is a challenging platformer, we mean it is rather challenging, like up there with Super Meat Boy challenging.


Dead on Arrival 2 closed beta ends, game launched as temporary limited release. Ouya version confirmed coming soon.

Since the middle of July we have been partnered up with N3V Games to be the official hosts for the closed beta for their upcoming game Dead on Arrival 2. Well the closed beta has officially come to a close after all this time and now the game has officially been released in a location-specific soft launch, making the game now available to residents to Australia and New Zealand.


Nimblebit’s upcoming Pocket Trains game to chug its way onto Android on September 26th

NimbleBit has officially announced when their next game called Pocket Trains will be released onto iOS and Android devices. We’ve talked about this game a couple of times in the past already and while we didn’t know 100% whether or not Pocket Trains would actually be released onto Android, since there has been no official word up until now regarding an Android version. we do now know that it will be on Android and we now have an official release date.


New updates for three Angry Birds game now available. Angry Birds Star Wars II gets a new gameplay trailer.

Over the past few days Rovio has been busy pumping out the updates for almost all of their Angry Birds games. The company has released an update for Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars which brings new levels to all three games. Not bad considering Rovio is currently working on the rather large sequel to Angry Birds Stars Wars right now.