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New updates for three Angry Birds game now available. Angry Birds Star Wars II gets a new gameplay trailer.

Over the past few days Rovio has been busy pumping out the updates for almost all of their Angry Birds games. The company has released an update for Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars which brings new levels to all three games. Not bad considering Rovio is currently working on the rather large sequel to Angry Birds Stars Wars right now.

On top of all the updates Rovio has just release as well as working on Angry Birds Star Wars II, a new trailer showcasing some of the gameplay from the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II game has also been released. That’s a whole lot of ruffled feathers has unleashed onto the world in only a few days.

Each game now has additional levels to play through as well as some new goodies to check out. Angry Birds now has an additional 15 levels to work your way through. The Red Bird can also now be flung with a lot more accuracy as player can now manual target where they want the bird to go. Angry Birds Space now has an additional 35 levels to figure out. Also arriving with the Angry Birds Space update are new breakable planets.

The Angry Birds Star Wars update brings 30 new levels to the game. The Ewoks also make an appearance in this game thanks to the new update as well as more AT-AT Walkers and various traps the Ewoks like the make to take the AT-AT Walkers out with such as giant swinging logs. There is also a new big battle to enjoy which Rovio has labeled as the ‘Big Final Battle’ where players have to destroy a bunker in order to disable the Death Star’s shield. We are not sure if that means that this is it for Angry Birds Star Wars in preparation for the upcoming sequel or if it just referring to that specific episode.

Lastly Rovio has released a new trailer that shows off some of the gameplay for the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II game. From what we can see in the video above, Angry Birds Star Wars II is actually starting to look pretty fun. You don’t have much longer to wait to play this game either. Angry Birds Star Wars II is slated to launch on September 19th, 2013.

Google Play Links: Angry Birds | Angry Birds Space | Angry Birds Star Wars

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