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Time for the guessing game again, When is the next Humble Bundle for Android arriving? This month?

If you follow DroidGamers on any sort of regular basis and have been doing so for awhile now, then you probably know that we have hunted down clues and guessed when the past three Humble Bundles for Android were going to launch. All three times we have been correct on figuring out when each Humble Bundle for Android would become available. It’s that time to do it once again.

We had originally guessed when this next one would be (internally between us here at DroidGamers) but decided to hold off on posting about it until now. In fact when the last Humble Bundle for Android was going on we already were digging up clues for this next one. Technically this isn’t really us guessing if we have clues as to when it will happen.

So when will the next Humble Bundle for Android happen? Well the next one, if we have our ordering correct, will be the Humble Bundle for Android 7 and while we have clues as to when it will launch, we can’t disclose those publicly. What we can say is this, start saving up your pennies as you can expect the next Humble Bundle for Android to arrive next week.

We actually know the specific date but to keep things a little suspenseful and a surprise, we won’t mention what day it will be released on. We also don’t want the folks over at Humble Bundle to change their minds and release it at another time.

As for the titles in this Humble Bundle, there are some good ones like always. So start saving up your pennies now so you can snag yourself a bundle when it launches next week. Will we keep the streak going on being correct with our Humble Bundle predictions? We shall soon see.

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