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Phonejoy’s new controller now up for pre-orders for $69

Phonejoy has been making controllers for mobile gamers for a bit now and while their first product saw a little success their second controller is looking like it may pull in a lot more sales. This is partly because the controller will actually slide together when not in use, making it more compact and easier to carry along with you. The other reason could be because it fits right to your phone with the buttons and controls located on the sides of your device instead of how a standard controller is set up.

We actually got to have some hands-on time with this new phonejoy controller back during E3 2013 and found it to be rather enjoyable to use. The sliding part of the controller that expands to fit devices up to a Galaxy Note 2 is metal reinforced, so it will be a lot tougher to break. Back then there were a variety of colors to play around with such as red and blue but now that the pre-orders are now live, your selection is between a black or white version of the controller.

The controller itself is a full HID controller so any game that supports HID controllers will work with this one as well and all the main physical controls you would want in a controller are present.

Both the white and black version of the Phonejoy controller are up for pre-orders now, both costing $69. Just hit up the official website if you plan on snagging one of these before their official retail release.

Official Website: Phonejoy

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