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Run around like a chicken with its head cut off in Headless

While there is no shortage of endless running game there in the mobile gaming world, there isn’t a whole lot of them that has you playing as a chicken. In fact you aren’t just playing as a chicken in Headless but as a chicken with its head cut off and blood spurting out of it. While the game overall has a white, grey and black visual style to it, you’ll be pleased to know that your spurting blood does, in fact, show up red.

This game is actually inspired by the chicken in real life that managed to live without a head for 18 months. The goal in this game is to get as far as you can without dieing and this is done by running, lots and lots of headless running. You can also fly short distances to avoid some of the many hazardous obstacles that you’ll run up against.

Headless Features:

• Bloody gore-geous artwork!
• Deadly saws and dangerous obstacles are ready to make heads roll!
• Endlessly replayable action starring a headless chicken spurting cartoon blood!
• Unlock upgrades and collect powerups to get ahead of the competition!
• Use tilt controls to get a head start!
• Collect bags of blood to live longer than Miracle Mike!
• No in app purchases!

If you’re up for playing as a headless chicken spurting blood everywhere, you can pick up Headless off of Google Play for a mere $0.99. There also happens to be no IAPs at all so you can just enjoy all the bloody goodness this game provides.

Google Play Link: Headless

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