Day: 16 October 2013


klutzGames releases their visually intense retro style arcade shoot Teslapunk onto Ouya

Old school arcade shooter fans who also happen to own an Ouya have a new game they can try out today called Teslapunk. Developed by klutzGames, this new arcade top-down shooter has some rather highly detailed retro visuals and a pretty solid soundtrack to go with it. If the game sounds familiar, it should. Teslapunk has been out on Android over on Google Play for a little while now.


Punch hostile animals in the face with Fist of Awesome, now available for Android, Ouya and GameStick

Back in November of last year we reported on the Kickstater for a game called Fist of Awesome hit up Kickstarter for funding which it eventually got successfully. Since then we’ve watched this game get developed and now it is finally time to enjoy punching random hostile animals in the face as Fist of Awesome is now available on Google Play as well as for Ouya and GameStick.


Lords of Discord – Herocraft’s upcoming cross-platform tactics style strategy game coming in 2014

Herocraft has made a lot of games for mobile as well as publishing games by other developers as well. However the company is looking to expand their reach and in doing so they are breaking into an area where a lot of games don’t reach into. This area is the cross-platform gaming experience and while there’s a lot of games that are cross-platform between iOS and Android, there isn’t a whole lot that move past that into the realm of PC/Mac/Linux gaming.


Unity Games announces their next game for Android called Rube Works, arriving this November

Rube Goldberg and the machines he made have have inspired people throughout the years into creating complex machines and constructs using random objects to accomplish the most menial tasks possible such as pushing a ball 2 inches to the left. However, they are fun to build and even more fun to watch in action, especially when people get a little crazy with their contraptions.


Three games currently in soft launches you should check out if you can, global releases coming soon

Over the past few days there have been a few games that have been released as a soft launch specific to certain countries in like Canada, Australia and a few others, order to test to make sure they are all running good. Two of these games we’ve talk about in the past already, covering their inevitable release onto Android, and both are being published by EA. These games are Dungeon Keeper and Heroes of Dragon Age. The third game is actually from LucasArts called Tiny Death Star.