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Unity Games announces their next game for Android called Rube Works, arriving this November

Rube Goldberg and the machines he made have have inspired people throughout the years into creating complex machines and constructs using random objects to accomplish the most menial tasks possible such as pushing a ball 2 inches to the left. However, they are fun to build and even more fun to watch in action, especially when people get a little crazy with their contraptions.

Unity Games has managed to secure a license agreement with the Goldberg empire in order to publish this game (developed by Electric Eggplant) where you will be solving puzzles and figuring out ways to do these every day menial tasks but with crazy setups. This apparently is the only official Rube Goldberg invention game that has been licensed out for mobile.

Current Feature list:

– The only official puzzle game based upon the Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist Rube Goldberg.
– 9 levels based upon the beloved original Rube Goldberg Invention cartoons.
– 3 additional classic and 6 all new inventions, inspired by the master of mechanical madness, to be added at a later date.

While the feature list may seem small right now, there is a big chance that before the game’s November release onto Android and iOS that there will be even more content added to the game. There definitely will be in future updates as well. As for right now, all we know is that Rube Works will be out in November with no word on pricing yet.

Official Website: Rube Works Facebook

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