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Tactical turn-based combat game on Steam called Aerena – Clash of Champions coming to Android in the future

Another game on Steam has announced some additional platforms that it will be available on in the future after its release on Steam. Developed by Cliffhanger Productions, Aerena – Clash of Champions and is a tactical turn-based combat strategy game which will feature cross-platform multiplayer. This is the second game this week that we have reported on that will feature this kind of cross-platform support.

Aerena is a Steampunk looking game in terms of visuals and technology involved in the game. However it isn’t called Steampunk in this game and is instead known as Aetherpunk where Aether is what powered the universe in this game. This is a hero-centric game so players will be in control of the hero that they want to play as before leading your team in their ship through various arenas and combat.

Aerena Featues:

– Battle anytime, anywhere with true cross-platform gameplay
– Use YOUR tactics and strategy in challenging battles to lead your team of Champions to victory
– Compete live against your friends and other players, or perfect your combat skills in solo training
– Pilot your ship from arena to arena and leverage its special abilities to support your team
– Turn the tide of battle with game-changing Æther Effects
– Build a winning strategy from 40+ Champions, Æther Shells and ships
– Once you’re battle-tested, enter the “League of Champions” and compete against the world’s best players for the ultimate prize

As you progress through the game you’ll be able to recruit new characters each with their own unique support abilities. This will allow you to further customize your crew and ship before heading off to fight more. There is both solo content as well as multiplayer and while the solo content will be pretty fun, multiplayer is where the meat of this game will most likely end up being – flying around in a Steampunk style airship while battling against other players on it.

Currently the game is in the alpha stages of development and is actually available already on Steam through their Early Access program. When the game does fully launch on PC, it will then arrive onto other platforms including Android.

Steam Listing: Aerena – Clash of Champions (Steam Early Access)

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