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The Drone mobile game controller up on Kickstarter and almost fully funded

It looks like there will soon be another option when it comes to picking out which controller you want to use from your mobile gaming needs. Evolution Controllers has put a Kickstarter campaign up for a new mobile gaming controller they have developed called the Drone.

With a similar look to the Steelseries controller, the Drone comes complete with all the buttons and joysticks you would want in a game controller but in a much more compact size. Since this is a pure Bluetooth controller, it is compatible with both tablets and phones as well as the Ouya game console and any other device that accepts Bluetooth connections.

For developers Evolution Controllers also has an SDK available for download for free should you want to add support for the controller to your game. The controller itself is very durable as well and to show it off the developers have a picture of one of them stepping on the thing without breaking it.

The Drone, when it launches for public consumption, will also be available in a variety of colors from Glossy or Matte black to yellow and red. There is also a template available for people to use to create custom skins for their Drone controller.

As of right now the Kickstarter campaign for this controller is sitting at a little over $23.6K with an end goal of $30,000. So the company is pretty close to hitting their goal already with 25 day to go still.

Official Website: Drone Kickstarter

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