Day: November 5, 2013

Game News

Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2013 companion app available on Google Play

For those of you heading to Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2013 convention, or just happen to want to check the event out and watch the live streams from your Android device, the official companion application is available on Google Play for free. This app includes a ton of features including live streams of the opening ceremony and other events that will be taking place during the convention.

Game News

[Updated] GungHo and Rovio team up for upcoming Puzzle & Dragons cross-over event

Last week we reported on GungHo Entertainment teaming up with Warner Bros to have what we considered to be one of the weirdest cross-over events in mobile gaming. The event brought Batman: Arkham Origins character to GungHo’s widely popular Puzzle & Dragons game for players to battle and collect. Now another event has been announced which is almost as weird as this one but this time it’ll be GungHo Entertainment teaming up with Rovio.