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Chapter 1 of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – Blood on the Snow coming this November 14th

Back in August of this year we talked about a rather cool looking game called Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – Blood on the Snow which would be heading to Android this month, well at least the first chapter of it anyways. Now we have an official release date for this game which is November 14th, 2013.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage regarding this game, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – Blood on the Snow is sort of like taking Tin Man Games’ interactive RPG books and adding action turn-based combat to the mix. What this means is that you get all the enjoyment from playing an interactive RPG book but the added bonus of getting your hands dirty and hacking up some bad guys as well.

Lone Wolf Features:

• A brand new adventure written by multi-awarded Joe Dever himself
• Read a real game-book and write your own interactive story
• Multiple paths, for multiple stories and great replay value
• High-end graphics and gorgeous Heroic Fantasy atmosphere
• Active turn-based combat system in full 3D

The entire series will be split into four chapters and all of the chapters will feature this interesting mix of gameplay. Just like an interactive RPG book though, your choices will affect the outcome you have in this game, whether you end up dead or rewarded for your brilliance.

So now we finally know when the game will be arriving onto Android and that Bulkypix will be publishing it. The only thing we don’t know is how much each chapter will cost when they are released. We’ll find out soon enough though.

Official Website: Lone Wolf The Game

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