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Square Enix releases a Final Fantasy spin-off in Japan called Pictlogica

Square Enix has decided to release a rather interesting looking game called Pictlogica onto Android in Japan. This particular Puzzle-RPG is actually a spin-off of their Final Fantasy franchise and looks like it features the more retro-style of visuals and not the remake style that the past few Final Fantasy releases have had.

This particular game is a rarity and hopefully not a sign of things to come for the rest of the world. We say this because it is an IAP-filled free-to-play game instead of a high priced premium title. As for the game itself, it does look like it could be a lot of fun since it resembles other games like 10000000 but with Final Fantasy characters, locations and a modified combat system.

True to Final Fantasy style, players will be able to form up a group of five characters as you explore the Final Fantasy world, solving puzzles and battling enemies. There is a fine balance in this combat system since there are combo moves you can unleash. However, the longer it takes to do an attack, the weaker that attack will be.

As for when exactly this game will be released worldwide, word has it that it’ll land on Google Play for everyone in the next month or two. Until then you can check out the trailer or try your hand at it in Japanese if you have Market Enabler or a similar app.

Official Download: Square Enix Marketplace

Website Referenced: SuperGameDroid

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