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Cave is currently developing a new bullet hell shooter for Android called Don Paccin

Cave is a well-known company that develops bullet hell shooter style games for multiple platforms. These games give both seasoned veterans of the genre as well as newcomers plenty of challenge when playing any of their current titles. The company has a new game in the works according to Siliconera called Don Paccin and even though this game is riddled with cute looking enemies and other visuals, you can expect this game to be just as hard as any of their other current titles.

What makes this game more interesting than their previous ones isn’t the fact there is a plethora of cutesy type stuff in it but the fact that there’s some sort of RPG elements layered over it. Over time players will be able to upgrade their ships, something that hasn’t really been a feature in any of their games up until now.

Another interesting addition to this game is that there will be a fuel system. You’ll only be able to fly so far on a tank of gas before you will need to fill up or crash because you ran out of fuel. As usual though there will be power-ups to pick up along the way in each level.

As for when this game will actually get released, nothing has been announced yet aside from the fact it is in development for Android. In the meantime, there is a trailer we get to watch to see some of the gameplay in Don Paccin.

Website Referenced: Siliconera

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