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EA releases two new Monopoly themed casino games: Monopoly Bingo and Monopoly Slots

Electronic Arts has decided to push the Monopoly brand just a little bit more today by releasing two new Monopoly themed casino games onto Android. One is Monopoly Bingo while the other new game is Monopoly slots, both of which are available for download off of Google Play for free.

Both games are pretty self-explanatory but there are a few unique features for each one. Monopoly Slots has a few different layouts you can play in, giving you the possibility to up your payouts even higher. There also happens to be bonus mini-games as well which, if you play any sort of slot machine real or otherwise, is always a good thing to have. Lastly there are different layouts of wilds you can have as well from the single reel wilds to stacked wilds.

Monopoly Bingo and Slots

Monopoly Bingo isn’t just a plain bingo game either. You’ll be moving down the streets and playing bingo at all the familiar properties that you would find on the actual game board itself. You’ll be able to play up to 16 cards at the same time and there also happens to be mini-games in this one as well that come in the form of scratch-n-win cards. The monopoly slot game is a great game to play online, especially since you can find free spins bonuses for this game at some online casinos sites. Free spins offers are slot spins that are done without the need of depositing at online casinos, and online slot players are getting this great bonus at many online casino sites. Other than the Monopoly slot machine, many other recommended slots have this offer. For you slots machines fans who play online often, try this casinos free spins page in an Australian portal which focuses on slot games. If you are interested to know more about online slots bonuses and more general info like types of games and casino review, than check this Canadian site.

If you’re looking for some casual casino games to play to kill a few minutes here and there, either of these might be worth checking out if you’re into slots or bingo. Both are available for free to download. As always there is a North American version (NA) and an international version of each game. These games we’re available as a soft launch up until now and are also available on Amazon’s AppStore as well (currently only seeing Monopoly Bingo right now).

Google Play Links: Monopoly Bingo (NA) | Bingo (International) | Monopoly Slots (NA) | Slots (International)

Amazon Market Links: Monopoly Bingo

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