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The Trese Brothers bring their newest RPG to Google Play called Heroes of Steel

The Trese Brothers are rather well known indie developers who make RPG titles for Android. The two man company has finished their newest game called Heroes of Steel and have released it onto Google Play for everyone to enjoy. According to the developers, this is the biggest project they have taken so far when it comes to their games so we can expect all the bells and whistles arriving in this game.

Heroes of Steel also happens to be the Trese brothers first attempt at using Kickstarter to fund a game which they were successful at doing. Players wil take control of a party of four characters, each one being a different class and offering different skills and abilities for you to take advantage of. The game also comes with a variety of different difficulty settings that you can pick in order to tailor your experience in Heroes of Steel a little better. This includes a hardcore mode where if you die, you stay dead and have to start over.

Each character in your group also has their own skill tree to work your way through, providing even more customization for each individual person in your group. This is on top of all the gear available in this game as well, which there is a lot of. In terms of how the game plays out, this is a turn-based tactical style RPG so if you’re a fan of that genre, you’ll enjoy this game.

As with all Trese games, Heroes of Steel features a very well written story to read through as you play the game. This game is available for download for free to try out. If you enjoy it you can purchase the first episode through an IAP with additional episodes coming in the near future.

Google Play Link: Heroes of Steel

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