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Death’s Army of the Dead will be coming to Android soon in Deadlings

An interesting new game is heading our way soon called Deadlings from Nimbi Studios and Artifex Mundi. In this game you’ll be playing as Death himself, along with his army of zombie minions, guiding these minions through mazes, puzzles, and death-defying traps, training them for his eventual conquest of the world.

However it doesn’t just stop at guiding your zombie minions through mazes and things like that. The problem is that as your army grows in size, the mazes, puzzle and traps become more and more deadlier. This means each move slowly becomes more critical and a wrong move could end up making things game over.

In total, Deadlings will come with over 100 levels to work your way through, with each level getting more difficult. You also have a variety of zombie types that you’ll have to deal with and make use of in order to get through each level.

As for when Deadlings will be released onto Android, right now there is no specific date for its launch or the game’s pricing. Until more information is released, enjoy this interview with Death.

Developer’s Website: Artifex Mundi

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