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Humble Bundle PC and Android 8 now live, name your price for six games

It looks like Android and PC gamers have a bit of a surprise coming from Humble Bundle today as they have just launched the Humble Bundle for PC and Android 8. This new Humble Bundle features six games that you can purchase for whatever price you want to pay and this selection is actually quite good.

For those of you not familiar with what the Humble Bundle is, basically it is a group of games that you can name your own price that you wish to pay for the bundle. You actually get to name your price for four games in this particular bundle but if you choose to pay over the current average price people are paying for it at the time of your purchase, you get an additional two games unlocked and available for download.

This Humble Bundle features some pretty great games:

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome (also included is the Android counterpart, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! (Force = Mass x Acceleration))
– Little Inferno
– Gemini Rule
– Jack Lumber
– Hero Academy (unlockable)
– Anomaly 2 (unlockable)

This bundle also comes with four soundtracks that you’ll be granted access too as well. Don’t forget that halfway through the time that this bundle is live, Humble Bundle will add additional titles to the mix, usually as unlockable titles to those people who paid over the average amount.

Humble Bundle for PC and Android 8 is now live and available to anyone who wants to take advantage of it.

Official Website: Humble Bundle PC & Android 8

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