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Madfinger Games releases The Big Update for their Dead Trigger 2 game

Madfinger Games have released a big update for their Dead Trigger 2 game aptly named The Big Update. Not only is this a good sized content update for the game in general, Madfinger Games have combined it with some limited-time Christmas themed content on top of it as well. This makes for a pretty big update which is probably why they named it as such.

So what all comes with this big update? Well according to the official press release, this update almost doubled the content the game had before it arrived. There is a whole new Chinese environment now that contains a new single-player storyline to work your way through as well as new warfare missions to partake in. This means there is now 3 regions across different parts of the Earth with 15 various environments to explore.

The Christmas portion of the update brings some new melee weapons into the game that are bit out of the ordinary. These include the Big Hammer, Brain Mill, Machete or special Butterfly Swords. There also happens to be other holiday themed goodies to hunt down and find.

The Big Update for Dead Trigger 2 was just submitted to Google Play so it is still propagating through each region. So if you don’t see it right this second, give it a few and try again, it’ll be there.

Google Play Link: Dead Trigger 2

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