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[Updated] Android Game Sale Round-Up: Sega, Square Enix, Full Fat Games and a lot more

Welcome to another end-of-the-week round-up of Android games that are on sale right now. This week’s round-up has actually quite a few titles going on sale which is to be expected the closer we get to the Christmas holidays. Aside from Sega’s sale on Sonic The Hedgehog games, a bunch of other developers have put their games on sale including Square Enix, AMA, Gameloft, Full Fat Games and so on. There’s also Kemco’s massive sale going on as well as all of SNK Playmore titles also.

Like always, click on the game’s name to head to its Google Play listing. So without further delay on our part, here are the games currently on sale over on Google Play. Note, games with a * after it are indie games you definitely will want to check out.

New Games On Sale:

The Great Fusion by Loading Home on sale for $1.49

Containment The Zombie Puzzler by BootSnake Games on sale for $0.99

Reiner Knizia Tigris&Euphrates by Codito Development Inc. on sale for $0.99

Pettson’s Inventions and Pettson’s Inventions 2 on sale for $1.07

Pixel Defenders Puzzle by Gary Whittle on sale for $0.99

Syder Arcade HD by Studio Evil on sale for $0.99

John GBA Gameboy(GBA) by John Emulators on sale for $1.00

John NES – NES Emulator by John Emulators on sale for $1.00

John GBC – Gameboy Color Emulator by John Emulators on sale for $1.00

Breach & Clear by Gun Media on sale for $0.99

DERP of DUTY by Freelance Games on sale for $1.00

New Disney Games on sale (all are $0.49):

Where’s My Mickey? XL

Where’s My Mickey?

Where’s My Perry?

Toy Story: Smash It!

JellyCar 3

Monsters Inc. Run

Temple Run: Oz

Where’s My Water?

Monster University

Wreck-It Ralph

Temple Run: Brave

Gameloft sales:

N.O.V.A. 3 on sale for $0.99

Modern Combat 4 on sale for $0.99

Full Fat Game sales:

NFL Quaterback 13 on sale for $0.99

Flick Golf Extreme on sale for $0.99

Flick Nations Rugby on sale for $0.99

Flick Soccer on sale for $0.99

Flick Golf on sale for $0.99

Square Enix game sales:

Chaos Rings Omega on sale for $2.99

Chaos Rings II on sale for $3.99

Chaos Rings on sale for $2.99

Final Fantasy Dimensions on sale for $7.99

Final Fantasy II on sale for $3.99

Final Fantasy V on sale for $7.99

Final Fantasy IV on sale for $7.99

Final Fantasy III on sale for $7.99

Other Games on sale:

Epoch by Uppercut Games on sale for $0.99 *

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown on sale for $0.99

Frozen Synapse by Mode 7 on sale for $1.00 *

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery by Capybara on sale for $1.99 *

Need for Speed: Most Wanted by EA on sale for $0.99

Star Wars Pinball 2 by Zen Studios on sale for $0.99

Pivvot by Fixpoint Productions on sale for $1.99 *

Iesabel by Forever Entertainment on sale for $0.99

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf by Bulkypix on sale for $1.99

Kingdom Rush by Ironhide Games on sale for $0.99

Sparkle 2 Evo by Forever Entertainment on sale for $0.99

Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder on sale for $1.99 *

Anomaly 2 by 11 Bit Studios on sale for $1.99 *

Worms 2: Armageddon by Team17 on sale for $0.99

Conquest Medieval Realms by Slitherine on sale for $0.99

Virtual Pool Mobile by Celeris on sale for $0.99

Isle of Bxnes by Whalenought on sale for $0.99 *

Quest Lord by Eric Kinkead on sale for $0.99 *

 If you spot a game on sale that isn’t on this list, be sure to leave a comment below with the game name, price and a link to it so everyone can take advantage of it. We’ll try to add it to the list but we’re guessing a lot more are on the way.

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