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[CES 2014] Google announces the Open Automotive Alliance, bringing Android to cars officially

Nvidia has been sticking their chips in Tesla cars and bringing them to CES for a couple of years now. Other companies have dabbled in similar projects as well. Google, however, has gone ahead and created the Open Automotive Alliance and announced its existence today. Similar to the Open Handset Alliances, the Open Automotive Alliance (or OAA for short) is a partnership between Google and a variety of car manufacturers where they will be bringing Android to cars, mostly as an in-car info-tainment service.

Google, along with companies such as GM, Audi, Honda, Nvidia and Hyundai, make up the new open Automotive Alliance. Basically Google has seen that people are not only docking their Android phone or tablet in their cars, but are going as far as to make custom dash mounts for them. So the need is there in Google’s eyes and now we have the OAA.

There isn’t a whole lot of details announced as to what exactly is first on the plate for the OAA, only that it will be bringing a tailored info-tainment experience to cars in the near future that will be powered by Android. So we will end up seeing the ability to play games and use apps naturally in cars soon. Even though there isn’t a whole lot of details about immediate plans, Google and participating companies must have some since Google is stating we should see this arriving this year.

Ironically it was a year ago almost to the day when we unveiled our Android gaming car (we’re installing more stuff this year too). If Google or any of those participating companies want any advice, feel free to hit us up. On a more serious note, what does everyone thing about this? About time?

Official Website: Open Automotive Alliance

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