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The latest iKoid Android game bundle has five good games for two dollars

iKoid has been trying to break into the ‘bundle’ game by offering up a selection of Android games on sale for a limited time. Usually these bundles are pretty decent but not overly worth talking about most of the time. Lately though that seems to be changing and the newest bundle, titled Dark Soul, has five good games available for $1.99.

iKoid is similar to other bundle services like Humble Bundle as in that they offer a selection of games for a discounted price. While Humble Bundle lets you set the price you want to pay for their bundle of games, iKoid just has a set price for their bundles. Bundle #4 “Dark Soul” is available for $1.99 and comes with five titles, all of which are pretty good games.

iKoid Bundle #4 titles:

– Critical Missions: SWAT
– Call of Cthulhu: Waster Time
– Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan
– Cryptic Caverns HD
– Lemegeton Master Edition

Buying this bundle will save you around 87% off of the total cost it would be if you bought each of these games individually. So it is a pretty good deal and pretty much each game is a good one this time. Of course that is a matter of opinion. Hit up the link below if you’re interested in taking advantage of this bundle. There’s a little over 10days left before this bundle is over.

Official Website: iKoid Bundle #4

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