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Boulder Dash 30th anniversary being developed and will be arriving soon

If you’re a fan of the Boulder Dash franchise then you’ll you be happy to know that a 30th anniversary edition of Boulder Dash is currently under development and will be making its way to multiple platforms when it is released including Android devices. This anniversary edition is being developed by a studio called Tap Star Interactive.

This 30th anniversary edition of Boulder Dash will have plenty of content available when it is released. There will be two starting character, plenty of free levels, and a level editor. Additional level packs will be available for purchase through optional IAPs if you want to expand the game.

Boulder Dash, in my opinion, had not really been updated in a meaningful way in an awfully long time. So since the original game came out, I felt it hadn’t really been given the kind of attention or the thought to bring it into the contemporary mobile space. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with the other original creator of an IP that I knew was well-loved and well-recognized. – Tap Star Interactive co-founder Chris Gray

As for when this game will be released, as of right now there is only a general ‘later this year’ time frame. It will be free to download when it does launch though.

Website Referenced: VG 24/7

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