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[Updated] PSA: Final Fantasy VI appears to have a major game disabling bug to watch out for

The latest release in the Final Fantasy series on Android from Square Enix appears to have a major bug in it that will basically render the game unplayable if you happen to get caught by it. Please note that before reading further into this article that this news contains spoilers for Final Fantasy VI. If you haven’t finished the game yet or don’t know the storyline, you may not want to continue reading.

Update January 22nd, 2014 9:22am PST: Square Enix has released an update that has fixed this bug. It should no longer be an issue for anyone who was affected by it if you’ve downloaded the update.

With that warning said, Final Fantasy VI has a major bug in it that will literally make the game unplayable if you happen to end up stumbling onto it. The only problem is, this bug occurs during a major part of the storyline that can’t be avoided. There is some good news (sort of) though which is the fact that this bug only seems to happen on certain Android devices, usually either a Samsung or Sony product, but is definitely not limited to these two brands.

This bug occurs when Kefka tells General Leo that the image of Gestahl was an illusion. This is basically where you will fight General Leo. The game will end up freezing completely and the only when to get out of it is to return to your home screen and kill the process for Final Fantasy VI. This is an unavoidable part of the game and if you have a device that is affected by this bug, it will happen every time you come to this part of the game, essentially rendering Final Fantasy VI unplayable.

Whether this is apart of the Xposed framework that seems to be buggy as well. Since the bug wide somewhat widespread across numerous devices and brands, this makes purchasing Final Fantasy VI a bit of a risk, especially with a price tag of $15.99.

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