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CrossGuns 3D is an old school style FPS game on Google Play

For those of you who used to play the FPS games from back in the day, you’ll be happy to know that there is a new FPS game on Google Play that inadvertently pays homage to those old school games. In fact CrossGuns 3D has a very Doom-like feel to it, especially when it comes to the visuals for the game.

In CrossGuns 3D you will be stuck in the Madness Fortress which happens to be filled with all sorts of nasty monsters and other hazards you will have to deal with. Luckily for you there are weapons available that you can use to dispatch these monsters. There also happens to be a ton of hidden areas that you will want to find since they contain additional loot for you to collect and use.

CrossGuns 3D Features:

– 1 Chapter with 10 Levels (more coming soon).
– ~40 Achievements
– Engaging upgrading system
– 4 weapons
– Attractive Visuals.
– Exciting Music!
– Simple, Intuitive Control Method.
– Perfectly Suited for both Tablets and Phones.
– Fast Paced.

Visually CrossGuns 3D isn’t sporting bleeding edge graphics but then again it is supposed to have a more retro feel to it and these graphics works quite well to pull that off. If you’re ready for some old school FPS action, you can pick up CrossGuns 3D off of Google Play for free.


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