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Amazon rumored to be launching their own Android game console this year

This rumor has been floating around since the later part of 2013 but apparently there is a bit more validity to it now. According to VG24/7, Amazon will be launching their Android game console sometime this year and will be priced somewhere below the $300 mark. That price point isn’t surprising considering Amazon likes to try and make their Android-based devices priced as low as possible.

Since this is technically a rumor, there isn’t a ton of details regarding this upcoming game console, its hardware specs, or anything of that nature. At least nothing that has been confirmed to an sort of degree. Since it is Amazon releasing this console, you can expect that it would take advantage of the current services Amazon offers for their other Android devices like the Kindle Fire tablets.

What’s really interesting is that, according the information that VG24/7 has received, the current unit in testing has had both popular Android and iOS games used to demo the device. How this actually works out is up in the air since we can’t see Apple allowing for iOS to be on the Amazon console alongside Android.

We will keep tabs on any additional details and news that gets released in the future about this Amazon Android game console and post an update.

Website Referenced: VG24/7

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