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Clash of Clans updated new hero abilities, better clan management and more

Supercell’s wildly popular PvP-centric RTS game Clash of Clans has had an update pushed to it that brings new heroes abilities and better clan management to the game. A lot of these new abilities are pretty powerful so chances are you will want to take advantage of them.

When it comes to clan management, improvements have been made with the new Co-leader and adjusted Elder roles. This should make things a little bit better for managing everything. However the game’s real boost this update comes with the addition of the new abilities for heroes.

New hero powers can be unlocked at level 5. These new abilities offer up a boost or perk in one way or another and differs between heroes. So your chosen hero will have its own unique ability after level 5. There are also new spells unlocks at higher levels such as Minion level 6, Freeze Spell level 5, and the ability to boost your heroes’ healing.

This update is now live on Google Play and should be available for everyone with the game installed immediately.


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