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New space exploration game in beta called Out There now up for pre-orders via Humble Bundle, but you can win a copy here

A new space exploration and survival game called Out There is heading to Android soon and is actually up for pre-order through Humble Bundle. This game is currently in the late stages of beta testing and pre-ordering a copy will grant you immediate access to the beta ahead of everyone else. However, you could also win a copy of Out There and get into the beta without paying a penny.

Out There will have you commanding your ship, exploring the universe and discovering new planets, alien technology and other cool things. Space, however, is a hostile environment so there is plenty of bad things out there to deal with as well. It is a rather unique and cool looking game (with FTL influences) and when you pre-order a copy, granting you access to the beta, you will also receive the soundtrack which was done by composed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn who also did the soundtracks for games such as Antichamber and The Stanley Parable.

Pre-ordering the game will cost you $3.99 and it is all done through Humble Bundle. However, if you want to take a stab at winning a copy of Out There, now is your chance to do just that. We have a total of three beta keys to giveaway and we are going to be using Rafflecopter for this particular giveaway. Two of these beta keys are up for grabs for all our readers while the third key is reserved for all active forums members to try and win.

Rules For Entering:

– You can complete as many of the requirements to earn entries as you like through the Rafflecopter app below. The more you do, the more entries you earn and a bigger chance you have at winning a key.
– Active forum members can enter the public giveaway as well. All active forum members are automatically entered for a chance to win the third key. You don’t have to do anything over on the forums aside from what you’re already doing, being active in our community in one way or another. You are free to enter through the Rafflecopter app as well to try and win that way.
– This giveaway will run today and end tomorrow at 3:00pm PST. Winners will be picked at random and announced at 4:00pm PST
– These keys will grant you access to the beta immediate as well as the soundstrack
– This giveaway is open to everyone!

So good luck to all who enter! The Rafflecopter app is located below. It’s pretty easy stuff to earn entries and it’s more for promoting an indie developer and a game they have worked very hard on. If you want to buy a beta key through Humble Bundle, the link is below. Support our indie developers, they are what make Android gaming as awesome as it it.

Want a more in-depth preview of Out There? Check out ours that we posted back in July 2013 and learn more about this pretty promising game.

Official Website: Out There (with Humble Bundle beta access checkout)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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