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Chromecast SDK now supports Google Play Services for apps and games

For all you developers out there who want to make apps and games from Google’s Chromecast, the SDK now has support for Google Play Services. Along with this new support, a new version of Google Play Services has begun to roll out to all Android devices in general.

However we are focusing on the new support for Chromecast. This means any games or apps that use Google Play Services can be much more easily ported over to work on Google’s Chromecast. All you have to do is incorporate the new SDK into your existing game or app and it should be ready to go for anyone using Chromecast on their TV. This means it’ll be easier to get your games and apps onto user’s TV screens for their use.

When your app or game is ready for release and use with Chromecast, you can upload it and offer it to people for free or to purchase through the Cast Developer’s Console. For any additional details, you can check out the official blog post over on the Android developers blog.

Website Referenced: Android Developers Blog

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