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Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild will be arriving on Android later this week

A new action defense game is heading our way this week called Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild where you will be playing as Koko Kornelius, a brave monkey out to defend his jungle type area from the evil people who want to cut down all the trees. You’ll have all the creatures in the jungle at your side, helping you defend against these human invaders.

Lumberwhack is one of those side-scrolling action defense games where your units (animals in this case) will be going head-to-head with the people wanting to cut down your trees. It’s a game of pushing, with you trying to kill and push back the different types of lumberjacks invading your forest. You’ll need to utilize the different types of animals helping you if you plan to succeed against the different types of people you’re going up against.

Lumberwhack Features:

– The ultimate strategy and action-defense game, wrapped into one wild package!
– Choose your own path in over 60 amusing and challenging levels!
– Extraordinary animals and skills, all with there own special abilities!
– Not your average tree-cutters, battle gunslingers, parachutes, medics and more.
– Collect over 40 achievements as you advance through the game!
– Compete with your friends via Google Play on the endless Survival Mode!

When Lumberwhack arrives on Android, it will be available on Google Play as well as the Samsung Apps store and Amazon’s AppStore for free. Until then you can check out the screenshots and video of the game in action below.

Official Website: Lumberwhack

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