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Angry Birds Star Wars II updated with new characters including a carbonite frozen Han Solo

Usually when you get an update to a game that contains new characters, they happen to be ones that can move and do things. With the new Angry Birds Star Wars II update that just arrived this is mostly true, except for the fact that you can fling a carbonite frozen Han Solo at pigs until your heart’s happy.

Rovio has pushed out a new update to their Angry Birds Star Wars sequel where you can unlock a total of eight new characters by melting carbonite pack. Once done you’ll have access to newly thawed characters to play as, except Han Solo who gets the ass end of the deal and remains frozen.

With new characters comes new levels as well or at least new reward levels to unlock and play in this case. Rovio has also decided to offer up a free trial and new Telepods as well, letting you try out all the new characters and then purchase or earn them as you see fit.

To round everything off, Rovio has put the paid version of Angry Birds Star Wars II on sale for $0.99 so if you want the premium edition, now is a good time to snag it. You could also just stick with the free version of course.

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