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Rodeo Games licenses Unreal Engine 4 for an unannounced mobile title from Games Workshop

Rodeo Games is jumping into the Unreal Engine 4 scene with a new license for Epic Games’ next-gen game development engine. This company is already known for a few of their titles as well as their partnership with Games Workshop who owns the Warhammer IP and have released one game under that franchise already called Warhammer Quest.

With the announcement of this new license for Unreal Engine 4, Rodeo Games has announced that they will be using this engine to develop a new mobile game that is currently untitled. Even though this new game has no name, we do know a few details about it already.

This new game will be a turn-based strategy title that will also fall under the one of the franchises that Games Workshop owns. This doesn’t mean it will be a Warhammer title though since Games Workshop owns a lot of IPs (Intellectual Properties). However we would like to think that a game using Unreal Engine 4 as its platform and is a franchise from Games Workshop would be a Warhammer title. Considering the fact that the original tabletop Warhammer games were turn-based strategy titles, it would be a safe bet that this unnamed game would also be a Warhammer game.

Either way we will be sure to post an update once more information is released.

Developer Website: Rodeo Games

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