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Hitman GO announced and will be a turn-based strategy game for mobile

Hitman is a pretty popular franchise on the platforms it is on but the one platform it isn’t available for in any form is mobile. That, however, is about to change with the announcement of Hitman GO, a turn-based strategy game that will be heading to Android and iOS soon.

Square Enix has made it official today that the Hitman franchise will be on mobile with the announcement of this new Hitman GO game. Developing the game is the same studio behind all the other Hitman titles, IO Interactive, and Square Enix will be publishing it when it’s released. For those of you curious about the storyline, it has been confirmed that this is a side story and that it will not distract from the next main entry to the Hitman series.

The format of the game is also rather unique. Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game that features 3D rendered diorama-style set pieces. Players will have to navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies and take out their target or infiltrate well-guarded locations. You’ll have to use all the tools of your trade including things like disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and even Agent 47’s iconic Silverballers.

As for when we can expect this game to launch, apparently the development of Hitman GO is almost done and the game is almost ready for release. No specific date was given though nor was a priced mentioned just yet.

Official Website: Hitman

Website Referenced: Shacknews

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