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Pre-orders for new colored Ouya controller faceplates now live

Ouya has been busy these days it seems, first with the limited white edition Ouya release, then the double storage black Ouya edition and now we have pre-orders available for colored faceplates for the Ouya controller.

In total there are six colors you can choose from and each set of faceplates will run you only $9.99. As you might expect, the color options are rather bright, most likely in order to contrast sharply with the dark colors of the Ouya controller and console. Installing the faceplates is pretty easy – lift the existing ones off and snap your new colored ones in.

Right now you can only pre-order whatever faceplates you want. All of them won’t be shipping until March 2014 so there is plenty of time to figure out which colors you want.

Official Website: Ouya.tv

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