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Sega updates Sonic Dash, bring the evil Dr. Eggman into the game

Sega’s Sonic Dash game has received an update today that brings the notorious Dr. Eggman into the picture. Now you’re probably going ‘oh no Dr. Eggman, what ever shall I do?!’. Well you should kill him and that is the plan with him being in the game now.

As you’re probably guessing, Dr. Eggman is no easy boss to handle in any game and the same goes for this one. He’ll be tossing mines and missiles at you which you’ll need to dodge while trying to jump up into the sky to take him out.

Another feature that has arrived with this update is a new global competition that will be starting up shortly. Like always there are prizes you can win including a new collectible character for you to snag and show off.

The update for Sonic Dash is now live on Google Play so feel free to download it anytime. If you don’t have this game yet, it’ll cost you nothing to grab a copy of Sonic Dash.

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