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Mad Catz releases a video guide for anyone needing a little extra help rooting their MOJO console

Mad Catz has been a pretty big advocate when it comes to rooting their Android-powered game console called the MOJO. What rooting this console does is open the possibilities up a lot more all around with using the console. It also happens to make just about everything appearing in Google Play which includes games that may be limited by mobile device.

A lot of people, whether it be an Android phone, tablet or mice-console, are still a bit nervous when it comes to rooting their hardware of choice. This is generally due to rooting either looking overly technical, which it used to be a long time ago, or are just worried about messing up their device. For awhile now one-click rooting has been available for most Android devices and recently MoDaCo rooted the MOJO console and shortly afterwards released an app for free to use in rooting your console.

Sometimes though it is always nice to have a guide laying around for you to use and Mad Catz has published a video guide for anyone who may not be overly comfortable with rooting just yet but are looking to root their console. This video guide follows the company’s posted one over on their website so you can follow it along using both and in a few minutes be using your MOJO console with root.


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